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We're dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, we encourage clear and thoughtful communication with our clients, and we strive to develop cost-effective solutions to all title issues.


Matthews Michalak Reis LLC is a small boutique law firm that focuses on oil and gas law, natural resources law, and probate law. Our attorneys have years of experience examining mineral title and preparing mineral title opinions for large and small oil and gas operators throughout Colorado, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. We also assist clients with due diligence matters and title curatve actions, including representing clients in quiet title actions and determination of heirship probate proceedings.  

With over 20 years of combined experience in preparing drilling and division order title opinions, the partners of Matthews Michalak Reis LLC know how to draft a perceptive and well-written title opinion. Whether it's a complex chain of title or an issue-riddled subdivision, we guarantee a customized product with knowledgeable, practical and cost-effective title resolutions.  We also provide our clients with a separate tailor-made spreadsheet that details surface, mineral and leasehold ownership.


At Matthews Michalak Reis LLC we truly understand the importance of securing marketable leasehold title to real property. That's why we work with our clients to make sure title is clear and all potential claims are resolved.  We specialize in risk assessment and paying particular attention to detail.  Our clients can feel safe knowing we've provided them will all the information they need prior to operating. 

Mineral Title Examination

As a means of assisting clients in title curative, Matthews Michalak Reis LLC has considerable experience representing oil and gas operators and mineral interest owners in determination of heirship proceedings. If an estate is not effectively probated, then the decedents of a mineral interest owner only acquired legal title to the mineral interest. While legal title is fully alienable, it is not record or marketable title.


A determination of heirship proceeding is a probate action that allows interested parties to obtain a decree that is sufficient to transfer title to both real and person property out of a decedent's estate. An oil and gas operator is considered an interested party if they own the lease executed by the mineral interest owner's heirs and devisees.  

Probate Proceedings /

Determinations of Heirship

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